Zero-sum charter

Yacht chartering with OMNIA Super Yachts Ltd.


As a client of OMNIA MFO, you have the possibility of yacht chartering around the southern European waters with OMNIA Super Yachts Ltd.

If you combine your asset-backed cash flow solution with our zero-sum charter, you can have the cash flow of your assets pay for your yachting. Thereby, you create a zero-sum charter experience without the hassle of ownership.

For our clients who wish the freedom of yachting, but who do not want the hassle and responsibility of owning one, and the least of all, to commit funds to a depreciating asset as yachts are, we have created this exciting product.

The same structure can be used on for example cars and jets – the point being that the cash flow pays for the running expenses of using the various cars, yachts and jets.

Combining your asset solution with zero-sum charter is a unique aspect at OMNIA, which is made possible by the synergy between our subsidiaries.